About Excellent Systems A/S

A small, green, worldwide company

PaveSystems is created by the Danish company Excellent Systems. Good products, sustainable materials, and responsible production just make sense to us. It is also good business.

As a result, we have created a business model that affects the environment as little as possible.

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In 1992, we began producing floors for industrial use. The mats are specifically designed to protect back and legs for employees who e.g. works standing. After that, we began selling non-slip versions of the floors to use in bathrooms or environments with olies, grease, algae, etc.

Excellent Systems fabrik i Mørke

Excellent is about accessibility

In 1996, we expanded our product assortment to the rehabilitating industry. In fact, our assortment of adjustable ramps and mats is unique in the accessibility market. We are proud to have contributed to improved sustainable accessibility worldwide. See who we are here.

Now, we also produce frost-proof spacers for paving projects, namely our PaveSpacer. They ensure identical, strong, and durable space in the paving as well as local drainage of rainwater with our PaveDrain. For flat roof terraces and balconies, we have invented our stackable paving pads, PavePad. It is an excellent system for raising and levelling tiles as well as wooden terraces. Additional to the traditional use of PaveSystems, we now also offer two cleaver solutions; PaveConvection for natural cooling of buildings as well as PaveTerrace which provides you with a maintenance free and weed free terrace in your garden.

The material we work with at Excellent Systems is always the same; Polyethylen. That means that all our products are made of completely non-toxic plastic; PEHD and PELD, which exclusively consists of hydrogen and carbon. Polyethylen can handle heavy weight. Our products are used in industrielle environments with e.g. 10 tons heavy trucks. Therefore, the products can easily handle wear from workers on factory floors, ramps for wheelchairs and people with talking difficulties, or for paving pads and spacers for pavement. Learn more about the material here.

Ole Opfinder

Our own inventions, locally produced

All products are produced at our own factory in Denmark. They are also locally invented, since it is our very own managing director, Ole Frederiksen, who invents and develops our products.

We make a great effort to reduce the use of raw materials, energy, and waste in our production. Therefore, the production maintains the principles of circular economy. We also use the excess heating from our production to heat our facilities.

At Excellent Systems, we are proud of our workplace, the health and well-being of our colleagues, and a good work environment. You can follow us on Facebook to keep updated on who we are and how we work.

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See the large selection of ramps for all purposes here. Both rehabilitating outside as well as inside and for industrial use. Find the ramp that fits your needs – not the other way around!

These floor and ramp modules can be used to build a broad selection of ramps and platforms combined with non-slip surfaces. The system can handle loads from e.g. trucks and pallet trucks.

Our Excellent KIT ramp systems arrive in pre-assembled solutions which are easy to put up and adjust for your need. No extra equipment or special knowledge is required to put them up.

These customized ramps can be mounted gently and without damaging or attaching them to old and preservation worthy buildings and pavements.

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