Sustainable production and reuse of plastic

We recycle residual and disassembled products into new products

Circular economy in stead of plastic in the oceans

Excellent Systems has been a frontrunner in the fight for a better environment, sustainable production, and the recycling of plastic for many years. 

Back in 1992, we reorganized our production so the cooling water from our production machines is now recycled for heating of our office buildings.

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When our products are no longer being used by our clients, or they are worn down, we offer to collect them and regenerate them into new granulate. This, of course, also goes for excess plastic from our production. Thereby, we ensure that our production is a circular economy and that the plastic in the world's oceans does not originate from us!

bæredygtig produktion - cirkulær økonomi

Produced in Denmark with environmentally friendly PE

All PaveSystem products are made from non-toxic Polyethylene (PE). It is the same type of plastic that can be found on the inside of milk cartons.

We manufacture all PE products at our factory in DK-8544 Moerke. Thereby, we have full control over the quality of our products, we ensure safe and healthy work conditions, and use only food-approved, completely non-toxic raw materials and dyes.

PE products are acid-resistant, corrosion-free, and can withstand all types of common cleaning detergents. 

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Less packaging minimizes waste

When we ship paving spacers, paving pads, or local rainwater drainage equipment, we have, through changes in the production, been able to save large amounts of packaging by switching out cardboard boxes with colored strips. It offers a number of benefits for our customers: They have less cardboard waste. Strips instead of boxes make the products lighter and easier to handle at a construction site, and the colored strips make the individual PavePad sizes easy to identify. Additionally, less packaging makes room for 25% more products on a pallet, giving you more options, as well as saving CO2 on shipment.

Pavesystems arbejder for mindre emballage

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