Decrease the energy consumption on your building

Cool your building with the energy of Nature

PaveConvection is a new eco-friendly method of cooling roofs in the summer heat, using nature’s own energy.

When the sun shines during the summer, a flat roof in Scandinavia can get up to 35-40 °Celsius in the sun. In Mediterranean countries and in the Middle East the temperature on a flat roof can easily get up to 75 °Celsius in the sun. Consequently, a lot of energy is used to cool down roofs and buildings. 

The high energy cost can be reduced by using PaveConvection which also saves you money.

A maintenance free and eco-friendly terrace

With PaveConvection, it is the rays from the sun that deliver the energy for cooling. When the system is installed it is virtually maintenance-free for the remainder of the life of the roof. 

The system does not demand power or additional energy to function. This makes the building more eco-friendly. Thus, PaveConvection gives the building a greener profile and reduces energy consumption.

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Without PaveConvection

Flisebelagt tagterrasse med PavePad under fliserne.

Here is a roof terrace on a flat roof with tiles, supported by PavePads. 

Illustrationsbillede af PaveConvection hvor der ikke er luft til gennemstrøm til nedkøling af huset

Without PaveConvection, the capping prevents cooler air to enter. Thereby, the hot air circulates between roof and tiles and retains the temperature level with the air right about the tiles.

With PaveConvection

Kølig luft kommer gennem hullerne

The holes in the capping allow cool air to enter under the roof terrace, which then ventilates the roof.

Kølig luft kommer igennem hullerne mens det varme luft vil stige til vejrs mellem fliserne

The hot tiles “suck” the cool air and release it again when the air is heated up. Thereby, a ventilation system of circular cooling under the tiles is created.

Illustrationsbillede af PaveConvection hvor luft kan komme igennem hullerne til at køle taget ned

The energy of nature is, thereby, used to lower the temperature under the tiles to the same temperature as the shade.

Oversigtsbillede af tagterrasse med luftgennem strøm under fliserne

Lower energy consumption with PaveConvection

Graf over temperaturen fra Jan til Dec uden brug af PaveConvection

Estimated energy consumption without PaveConvection.

Graf over temperaturen fra Jan til Dec med brug af PaveConvection.

Estimated energy consumption with PaveConvection. With the help of the energy of the sun, the air is replaced and the temperature of the roof is lowered.

PaveConvection and PavePad

PaveConvection is sold as a solution in connection with our PavePad series which is a solution of paving pads for terraces and pavings. Read more about PavePad here.

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