Get a weed-free terrace without the use of chemicals

Tired of weed on your terrace?

Do you want a terrace that is free of weed, where the tiles lie evenly and securely, and where there are no puddles every time it rains?

With PaveTerrace, you get a weed-free terrace without using chemicals or weed remover. They are naturally washed away – by rainwater!

For many years, we have implemented our paving pads, PavePad, in the PaveSystem for roof terraces worldwide. Now, our eco-friendly and durable paving pads are also available for your terrace.

Receive an offer on your terrace

A maintenance free and eco-friendly terrace

With PavePad, you ensure uniformity and durability for your terrace. You can lift the terrace to the preferred height while seeds are washed away, without giving them the chance to take root and grow into weeds.

Then it’s just a question of enjoying your terrace, year after year, without the stress of having to remove weeds, as they are washed away by rainwater. You can spend your time on other endeavors than hatching weeds.

With PaveTerrace you are protecting the environment from chemicals and unnecessary weed burning. PaveSystems’ products are environmentally friendly and reusable. You can learn more about it here.

How to get rid of weeds between the tiles

To give the best possible solution for a weed free terrace we recommend that you get sewer drains installed for your rainwater sewer with drainpipes for each 25 square meters of terrace.

Then, install reinforcement mesh and lay concrete with a slope of 10-15 degrees. Finally, PavePad is installed at the desired height for your terrace.

Watch the video above to see the process or go to our Gallery here.

Ukrudtsfri terrasse med PaveTerrace

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