Installation guide for roof terraces

See how you install PavePad on a flat roof

PavePads are easy to build with. They save time, space, money... and protect the environment!

There can be many challenges when building a roof top terrace. Using PavePads to do it, is not one of them. This inventive system is easy to use and has infinite customization and application options. Below, we have a number of installation guides, if you want to know how to use our paving pads for your project. The PavePads can be customized for any challenge you may face, with your roof terrace. No matter how many compbinations of material you chose, or changes in the carrying layer, our PavePads will support your project and help create a beautiful result.

Also have a look at our page with free Brochures for PavePad for more guidance and information. Should you still be left with questions, you are always welcome to contact us for advice and sparring on your particular roof terrace project.

Good luck on your PavePad project!

Paving heights - Customize PavePad for different paving heights

Do you have a project where you have different types of tiles with different heights? Our paving pad allows you to level the tiles no matter their thickness. PavePad also makes it possible to level the same types of tiles that have varying thicknesses at the edges that can occur with slate or granite tiles.
A stack of PavePads can handle four various tile corners. This will save space under the deck, money, and products.

Level difference on roof - Use PavePad for height difference

There can be different types of level differences on flat roofs. It can be joists under the roofing felt, cable trays, drain for flat roofs, etc. With PavePad you can customize the paving pad to the surroundings of your roof and easily achieve a stable and level roof terrace. See here how you install PavePad.

Larger roof surface - Install PavePad over ditch

There are often ditches for rainwater drainage on larger buildings with flat roofs. On newer buildings where there is only roofing felt on top of the isolation it is not possible to build in the ditch. Therefore, bridges are built over them. With our paving pads it is possible to build bridges without having to spend extra time and money on materials for your roof terrace. See how here.

Stabilize PavePad - When PavePad is stacked over 1/2 meters tall

If you are building a terrace across a larger recess you need to strengthen the PavePad stacks with joists. This method is used if you are building with PavePad stacks over 1/2 meters in height. The joists are easy to attach to the pads and PavePad can be customized to the joists, so the deck is kept strong and stable. See how here.

PavePad for edges - When you are paving to an edge without capping

If you have a rooftop terrace without capping, PavePad can be used to ensure a strong and stable deck all the way to the edge. The angle frame for the tiles can be screwed directly into the paving pads without the risk of breaking or weakening the paving pad.

The pavement can be customized no matter which type of railing you choose. PavePads can be customized to any situation.

See how here.

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