Terms and Conditions


1.1. By purchasing goods, you enter into an agreement with Excellent Systems A/S, Møllevej 2, 8522 Mørke, CVR-no. DK25276183 and you accept being bound by the Terms of Trade.

1.2. The assortment on PaveSystems consists of self-produced paving pads and spacers which are delivered unassembled and are produced from the order with specified measurements along with various assembly accessories.

1.3. The purchase agreement can only be entered into in Danish.

1.4. Excellent Systems A/S reserves the right to change the content of Pave-Systems.com at any time without warning. Reservations are made in terms of errors on the website, including errors in price, fees, shipment costs, text, illustrations and pictures, imprecise phrasings, and lack of product descriptions.

Prices and payment

2.1. When ordering goods on Pave-Systems.com, a fee is added and an amount for shipping the goods to the address provided. Additional surcharges may apply for shipping to non-mainland islands.

2.2. The payment transaction takes place via a secured, encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. The payment amount is deducted from the payment or credit card at the earliest when the goods are sent from Excellent Systems A/S.

2.3. When purchasing custom-made goods (goods that have been adapted and manufactured according to individual wishes) Excellent Systems A/S can deduct the amount when the custom-made production begins.

2.4. Excellent Systems A/S also reserves the right to make changes in prices and fees and/or other costs stated on Pave-Systems.com at any time, for example due to changes in VAT rates or other public fees or charges, increasing costs, or as a result of the general development in retail prices based on prices August 2013 in Denmark.


3.1. Delivery is by shipment to the address stated by the buyer. The shipment is at the buyer’s expense and risk via PostNord or another transporter. If the phone number in the order is a cell phone number, PostNord will send a text message to the phone number when they have readied the package for shipment. This service is free.

3.2. Reservations are made for any delivery delays. . Excellent Systems A/S is not responsible for delays or non-fulfillment of agreements that are due to conditions at the carrier or other conditions over which Excellent Systems A/S has no influence, including weather conditions and other force majeure.

Right of cancellation

4.1. According to the current law on certain consumer agreements, you have the right to cancel your purchase of goods on Pave-Systems.com within 14 days of delivery. The customer has 14 days to notify cancellation and then another 14 days to return the goods.

4.2. It is a general condition for cancellation of the purchase agreement that the goods are returned in the same condition and amount as by delivery.

4.3. If you wish to use the cancellation right, you must return the goods within 14 days of receiving the goods. It is a condition for canceling the purchase agreement that the goods have been shipped to Excellent Systems A/S’s address, which can be found under point number 9, before the end of the period. As proof of timely shipment, the receipt for shipment is presented.

4.4. You can also use the right of cancellation by refusing to accept or redeem a shipment of goods from Excellent Systems A/S.

4.5. All expenses in connection with the return of the goods as a result of cancellation of the purchase are borne by you.

4.6. In relation to the purchase of goods that are adapted and manufactured according to individual needs you apply when ordering, you agree that Excellent Systems A/S can begin the manufacture or adaptation of these goods before the expiration of the cancellation period and that the right of withdrawal for these purchases only applies until the time when this manufacture or adaptation begins.


5.1. It is the buyer’s responsibility at the latest upon receiving the delivery to make a thorough examination of whether the goods are in accordance with the agreed. Buyer may not subsequently invoke deficiencies that were or should have been found in this investigation.

Should the buyer against expectation receive goods that have errors or defects the buyer must inform Excellent Systems A/S about it within 3 days after these errors or defects have or should have been identified. Upon inquiry, a receipt for the purchase and a description of the error or defect will be sent. If there are defects in the product, Excellent Systems A/S will rectify the defect or make a replacement.

5.3. If the complaint is not justified, you hold all the expenses in connection to returning the goods to Excellent Systems A/S.

5.4. If the complaint is justified and there is an error or defect with the goods that causes the purchase price to be refunded, this happens by a bank transfer to the credit card account that made the payment.

5.5. Notice about errors or defects can under no circumstances happen later than 2 years after the delivery time.

Personal data security

6.1. When you make a purchase on Pave-Systems.com, it is necessary for Excellent Systems A/S to gather personal data to use in managing your order. The information is gathered with the purpose of registering your order, deliver the purchased goods, mailing news letters, as well as for use later between the parties, e.g. complaints.

6.2. The information that is gathered is name, e-mail address, private address, information about your purchase, and payment information.

6.3. All gathered information is treated confidentially and according to the Personal Data Law and is only saved for as long as necessary and allowed according to current legislation, though a maximum of 1 year after the complaint deadline.

6.4. Information is not sold, passed on, or in any way handed over til a third party.

6.5. According to the Personal Data Processing Act, you have the right to object to the processing of the information, request access to the personal data that Excellent Systems A/S has collected about you, and the right to request that the information be deleted or corrected, if they are erroneous. You can contact Excellent Systems A/S about this by using the contact information specified under point number 9.

6.6. The data controllers are Excellent Systems A/S.

Contact and company information

Excellent Systems A/S can be contacted via e-mail at sales@ex-as.com or by phone +45 8637 7133. Return goods or complaints should be sent to: Excellent Systems A/S, Møllevej 2, 8544 Mørke, CVR no.: DK25 27 61 83.

Safety instruction when using Excellent Systems A/S plastic systems from PaveSystems


8.1. When building terraces/rooftop terraces or tiling with PavePad, PaveSpacer and PaveDrain, please refer to the provided instructions for use or instructional videos on Youtube, which must be followed. Otherwise, authorized personnel should carry out the installation. Excellent Systems A/S is not liable for damage resulting from faulty installation.

8.2. When building a roof terrace with PavePad, attention is drawn to considering the increase to get a level terrace. When installing a terrace with PaveSpacer or PaveDrain, please take into account the joint width between the tiles.

8.3. Before using the terrace or paving, check that the tiles have been laid and installed correctly to avoid damage during subsequent use.

8.4. PaveSystems systems are intended for coating and must be used in accordance with the instructions. Any use of the systems which are not in compliance with these instructions will be regarded as misuse which is strongly discouraged. Excellent Systems A/S does not assume responsibility when misusing the products.


The products are only meant for use in connection with terraces/roof terraces or paving.

Maintanence, etc.

10.1. The products can handle disinfection with all approved detergents.


11.1. According to the Institute of Technology, if the products (polyethylene) are heated too far above the products’ application temperatures (at ca. 300 °C) start to split and give off, mostly, hydrocarbons which are not distincly toxic or aggressive. With complete combustion of polyethylene, almost exclusively carbon dioxide and water and thus non-toxic compounds are obtained. PaveSystems products should therefore not be built/mounted on top of fire sources, which could cause a fire to start under or next to the products, as these can then not be used as escape routes.

11.2. In case of any doubt about installation, use, or maintenance of the products, you should contact Excellent Systems A/S as this may be associated with a risk of damage if there is no correct installation, use, or maintenance. Excellent assumes no responsibility for defective assembly/installation, use, or maintenance.

Product liability

12.1. Excellent Systems A/S is responsible for product liability to the extent that the liability follows from mandatory legislation. To the extent that nothing else follows from mandatory legal rules, Excellent Systems A/S is not liable for operating losses, profit losses, or other indirect losses.

Choice of law and venue

13.1. Danish law applies to any disputes between Excellent Systems A/S and you in connection with purchase agreements entered into via Pave-Systems.com. Venue is the court in Aarhus unless mandatory legislation prescribes otherwise.

Entry into force

14.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases through Pave-Systems.com from 5 March 2024.

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