Tile corners

PaveSpacer protects the corners of your patio tiles

How to avoid broken tile corners

The corners of pavement tiles can be susceptible to shock, blows, drop of heavy objects, and heavy traffic. On this page, you can see examples of tiles that have not had spacers for protection as well as tiles that have. Paving tiles have a tendency to shift over time. This is due to the changing weather or heavy traffic, which makes the tiles rub on each other. Over time, the tiles will give in to pressure and start to break. Especially the corners. This creates more work and greater expenses for you, as the broken tiles must be replaced with new ones. With our spacers, you protect the tiles, and corners, extend the life of the tiles and ensure that they have a uniform layout and a beautiful, overall expression.

Example of pavement without PaveSpacers

Broken tile corners occur under pressure and shifts. The pictures here are from a pedestrian zone where the corners have broken due to the pressure of heavy traffic.

Example of pavement with PaveSpacer

The pictures here are from newly laid paving tiles where spacers have been used between the tiles. With PaveSpacers, you get a beautiful, uniform finish on your project while you protect the tiles.

Do you have a project where you could use PaveSpacer? Calculate how many spacers you need for your projekt here.

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