Non-toxic, strong plastic material

Below you will find information about the type of plastic material we work with at PaveSystems

Danish produced and manufactured from environmentally friendly PEHD recycled plastic

All our products are made from non-toxic recycled Polyethylene High Density (PEHD) plastic granules. It is the same environmentally friendly material that is found on the inside of milk cartons.

We manufacture all PaveSystems products ourselves in our own factory. This means that we have full control over the quality in production, and that the raw materials and dyes we use in our products are completely non-toxic.

We use recycled plastic in the products to avoid using more new raw material than necessary and thereby protect the environment from unnecessary CO2. In addition, we offer that after use, you can return the products, which are then cleaned and converted into granules to be reused in our Pave-Systems production.

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Terrasser - Plast pdhd genbrug
plast produkt i pehd - PaveSystems

Strong products that support and strengthen your pavement

PEHD plastic is extremely resistant whether it is against UV from the sun, tremors, or strain from vehicles: If you use our paving pads, spacers, or local rainwater drainage systems, your pavement will be supported by a strong product that does not pollute, break, or is crushed under heavy strain.

Through tests, we have measured that e.g. PavePad tile feet can carry 1200kg. They can therefore easily support the weight of heavy plant boxes or similar.

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Durability under changing temperatures

PEHD plastic can handle temperatures down to -50 °C without becoming fragile or porous, as other types of plastic do. PEHD has a temperature spectrum of -50 °C til 100 °C. PaveSystems is, therefore, very suitable for use in both very cold and very hot climates.

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Produkt af plast kan hold til frost - PaveSystems
Produkt PavePad - Der kan skrues i flisefod - PaveSystems

Flexible products with high applicability

PaveSystem’s products have many applicable options. See, for instance, the galleries for the individual products above. PaveSpacer can be applied to all types of tiles, PaveDrain has many installation options, and, with PavePad, you can support and level your terrace whether the pavement is tiles or wood. 

If you want a wooden terrace, you can attach joists to PavePads with a screw up to Ø 6 mm without the risk of the PavePads splitting. Flexible and simple.

PEHD products are acid-resistant, corrosion-free, and can withstand all types of common cleaning detergents. You can, therefore, clean your pavement without the fear of damaging the PaveSystems products.

Designed and produced in Denmark

The PaveSystems products are all invented, designed, and produced at Excellent Systems’ own factory near Moerke in Denmark. The inventive solutions and many application possibilities are popular worldwide. With distributors from Korea to Canada, there are a lot of paving pads, paving spacers, and local rainwater drainage solutions around the globe. Our innovative solutions and sustainable working methods have paid off and are globally recognized.

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