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PavePad is a module system for your roof terrace that ensures that you have a stable, level, and beautiful terrace in your desired height to align with, for instance, your terrace door.

We have made a calculator, PaveCalc, that you can use by following this link.

PaveSpacers are used for the joints for your terrace. They ensure your tiles against damages and twists. You can see examples here.

We have made a calculator you can use by following this link.



PaveDrain is a spacer with open joints, which is used as part of a paving tile system that needs to withstand water. The block functions as a support and strengthens the open joint.

The benefit of PaveDrain is that the rainwater seeps down, through the spacer, where it falls. Consequently, water is not going into the sewer. The bottom of the construction functions as a rainwater reservoir and can, therefore, withstand cloudburst volumes, leaving the pavement to quickly dry so water does not gather on top of the tiles.

You can easily use both PaveSpacers and PaveDrain in the same construction. Be aware that joint widths will vary between PaveDrain and PaveSpacers. Contact us for a talk about your project then we will ensure a good solution together.

Our products can withstand temperatures down to -50 °C and up to 100 °C.

There are no toxins in our products and the plastic is neutral to the environment and even approved for food.

Our products are of PEHD (Polyethylen High-Density) which enables us to reuse the material again and again, without waste. It makes our products environmentally friendly and non-toxic to both nature and people.

We always ship your order as soon as possible after production. Contact us for information about your specific order.

We are so confident in the quality of PaveSystems that we provide a complaint period of 15 years on all of our products.